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Kegerator Upgrade for Guinness

December 19th, 2008 Greg Leave a comment Go to comments
Guinness Kegerator Faucet

Guinness Kegerator Faucet

It turned out that I needed a few more parts than I thought. I knew that I would need a different coupler to go on the keg and I knew that I needed to change the gas mixture in the tank. I didn’t know that there was a special faucet for a better pour and I didn’t realize that they wouldn’t fill up my CO2 with the Nitrogen mixture. Apparently the N2 guys wouldn’t use a valve connection converter because even though the converter would be rated up to 3k psi, the process of filling it will cause a bit more pressure than that since they are filling it from a higher psi source to be able to get the tank up to that pressure. So if you haven’t built a kegerator yet, it might be wise to get the nitrogen tank instead of the CO2 one because they can fill that will carbon dioxide, but not the other way around. I guess I am making that assumption based on the fact that they do put about 25% CO2 into the blend, so they are getting CO2 in there somehow. Since I wanted to use the same pressure regulator, I also bought a converter that will go on the nitrogen tank so that my CO2 regulator will work, but I later realized that it wasn’t rated as high as I had hoped. It couldn’t only handle 2k psi and not 3k psi, so there was another purchase.

Here is the list of things I purchased to convert my regular-american-beer kegerator to support guinness

So if I had done some research earlier I might have saved a bit. Separate shipping charges on each transaction really hurt. And if I thought that I might like guinness 2.5 years ago, I could have planned for all of this by buying all of the right parts and only needing 2 extra things come guinness time. The keg coupler and the faucet, then fill with N2 + CO2 and go.

Guinness Kegerator Interior

Guinness Kegerator Interior

Price of parts: $212.90,  Price of Keg: $148, Price of Shipping: $33.69, and Price Total: $394.59. The price to build the original kegerator was around $400 with the first keg included and that had a $100 freezer + $35 temp regulator + unknown price faucet tower. So guinness parts are a bit more expensive, but it seems to be worth it.

First beer has been poured. It’s at a good 40 35 degrees F and the pressure is set to 25 28 psi. It seems to be close to what I would expect from a bar and it tastes great. There are a few more pictures on flickr.

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  • Jonathan

    Call Tap It! Draught Service and supplies or email
    tapit.jstp@eastlink.ca or 705-2668355
    All ur questions and parts can be resolved .

  • Jesse

    Where do you guys live ?! Im in Montréal, Québec, Canada and the only place I can find kegs are at the Beer Store in Ontario (2hr drive), and they obviously don't have any Guinness :(

  • Brown145

    Check a local pub that serves Guinness. If you need to make friends with the bar manager. I worked at a pub in college and I get all my kegs through them.

  • doug

    You should add a link in the nav for 'donate'.

  • Great idea. Done. Thanks for the donations.

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