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Regular Kegerator to Guinness Kegerator

October 31st, 2008 Greg Leave a comment Go to comments

I knew there were a few different things required to have a Guinness setup so I looked at more details of what was required so that I could enjoy 50 Liters of this in my home.

The Nitrogen setup won’t require any changes from my current CO2 setup since the tank, regulator, and hoses will work for CO2 and N2; just need someone fill it. And finding a place that will do the 75% N2 25% CO2 blend wasn’t difficult.

The tap is the only other thing that needs to be changed since Guiness uses the U-system coupler instead of the D that most American breweries use. I was looking for a place to rent one since I am not sure how many times I will use it, but I had no luck. They would rather sell it than let people use it.

Guinness is a great beer and will be worth the effort to upgrade the kegerator.

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