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The Kegbot Ideas are back on the Drawing Board

October 17th, 2008 Greg Comments

It’s been over two years since I built the kegerator and I remember thinking the next step was to turn it into a keg bot with many features connecting beer and internet. I read about a presentation where someone had created a device that served mixed drinks. I was again inspired to transform the kegerator into something more.

The basic feature: a way of measuring how much beer is dispensed and getting that data online.

A bit more advanced: record who is pouring a glass and send a twitter @ message to them saying “I’m fueling your addiction” or something clever. Maybe tie in with Foamee.

Maybe too expensive: use RFIDs to make it easier for the drinkers to get their beer without a hassle of inputting a twitter account.

I’ve been curious to know what percentage of the beer in each keg is drank by myself. It always seems like I drink more than everyone else.

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